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CRB Workforce Welcomes Rachel Lodin

Welcoming Rachel Lodin: Our Newest Addition to the CRB Workforce Team! New York, NY—CRB Workforce is thrilled to welcome Rachel Lodin as the newest addition to our team, serving as an Account Manager. Rachel brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise in the staffing industry, marking a significant enhancement to our commitment to […]

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You’ve Just Been Laid Off. Now What?

You’ve probably seen the videos or read stories about companies firing thousands of workers at once over zoom, by email, or even through pre-recorded voicemails. Many of those people left for work that day thinking they had a good job and a secure future and by the time it was lunch, they started doing the […]

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Hiring Manager Success Story (DIRECTV)

TL – Senior Director Product Management – DIRECTV You wake up, look at your phone and are immediately bombarded with ads for products you don’t want from brands that you’ve never heard of. You turn on your TV or radio and voices shout at you about what car or TV or cell phone you should […]

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Candidate Success Story (Dema)

Dema Abdo – Director, Product Marketing Management There’s a dirty secret in the world of recruiting: most of the candidates that a recruiter talks to, they have no intention of getting a job for. Sure they’ll kick the tires and have a quick chat just to see if there’s any potential, but they’ll quickly move […]

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Candidate Success Story (Gianfranco)

Gianfranco Lopane – President of Smarterverse Take a quick tour of the websites for different recruiting firms, and you’ll learn a surprising fact: they’re all the best. It says so right there on their homepage. Most of them will even back it up with lists of awards, big-name clients and fancy press clippings. But if […]

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