Candidate Success Story (Dema)

August 15, 2022

Dema Abdo – Director, Product Marketing Management

There’s a dirty secret in the world of recruiting: most of the candidates that a recruiter talks to, they have no intention of getting a job for.

Sure they’ll kick the tires and have a quick chat just to see if there’s any potential, but they’ll quickly move on to the next shiny thing and leave you hoping for a job opportunity that’s never going to come.

CRB Workforce doesn’t believe in wasting our time or yours. That means that when we reach out to a candidate it’s because we believe that we have a role that’s well suited for them, even if it’s slightly different from what they have in mind for themselves.

Dema didn’t think that she wanted to move into a consulting role, but by trusting CRB with her career, she found the opportunity that she was looking for all along.


Q: What was your experience like with staffing firms before you worked with CRB?

DA: It’s a little bit hard for me to answer that question because they were all pretty much hands-off and not responsive. There would always be a good initial discussion, but then they would go dark. There was no follow-up. No interviews. I would say that my experience with other firms is that I haven’t actually had much experience.

Q: How were things different with CRB?

DA: They were above and beyond anything that I’ve ever experienced. Sam reached out to me on LinkedIn and then we spoke on the phone the next day. The position was right in line with what I was looking for, but I had some concerns because it was a contractor position with DirecTV and I had never really gone down that route before.

But we talked and he explained that the process with DirecTV was that  they often start people off as contractors and then there’s the potential for it to transition over into a regular staff position.

Q: How did things go after that first conversation?

DA: Once we decided that it was a good fit and something that I wanted to pursue, everything moved really quickly. He told me that he could get the first and maybe even the second interview that week, and I remember thinking “yeah, right. Good luck.” But then he had me scheduled for the first interview I think the next day, which I now know was almost a miracle because it was with my current boss and her schedule is wall-to-wall every day. I’m still not sure how he got me in there that quick.

Q: How did CRB prepare you for the interview process?

DA: I was worried because the interview happened very quickly and I didn’t have any time to prepare or do research. But then Sam did something that I’ve never experienced before and provided me with all of this information about the company and the types of questions that I should expect. He also told me about the person I would be interviewing with and what her team was responsible for and what she was looking for in a candidate. It took the guesswork out of doing the interview and made everything very straightforward and comfortable.

Q: Once you were hired what was your relationship with CRB like?

DA:  Once I had the contractor role, they did constant check-ins and were still communicating with me. They would make sure that things were going well and let me know that they were available if I needed help and that made me really appreciate them so much.

Q: Did you eventually convert to a full-time role?

DA:  Yes, once I joined the team and it was clear that I was a good fit my VP and I had a conversation and told her that I wanted to be a full time employee. The company went through a reorganization and when they were designating resources, she made sure to keep me on her team. Three months to the day from when I started as a contractor, they gave me a job offer.

Q: What did you enjoy most about your experience working with CRB?

DA: I think it was the fact that on every step of this process, whatever they said they were going to do, they did and every timeline they set for something to happen, they hit it. And even if there was a hold up on something, they would follow up with me and keep me in the loop. And it all happened so fast. From the time I first spoke to Sam to when I received the offer it was a week!

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