We build meaningful relationships with our clients. Integrity is important to us which is why we focus on trust above all else.

What We Offer

At CRB Workforce, we offer a white-glove service designed to empower our clients to efficiently hire their most critical team members. With our meticulous approach and extensive industry knowledge, we streamline the recruitment process, allowing you to focus on what matters most—building your dream team.

When it comes to filling roles within the Technology and Marketing sectors, we specialize in a wide range of positions, including individual contributors, managers, directors, and even C-level executives within the Marketing and Technology teams. Typically, if it falls under the CTO/CIO or CMO category, we're on board to fill it. Whatever your staffing needs, we have the expertise to find the perfect fit for your team.

We understand the challenges that our clients face, from slow hiring cycles to overwhelming volumes of resumes from other agencies. That's why we take a granular approach, working closely with you to outline every detail of your ideal candidate and managing your expectations with our extensive market knowledge. Throughout the hiring process, we maintain open communication with both hiring managers and candidates, ensuring everyone is on the same page every step of the way. This results in a well-informed interview process that minimizes surprises and leads to confident hiring decisions. Trust CRB Workforce to be your strategic partner in building a talented and cohesive team that drives your business forward.

Permanent Recruitment

Need a driven member to join your budding business? Or to build out an entire team from scratch? We work with start-ups and mission-focused companies who need hands-on people to be by their side from the ground-up. We’ll scout our award-winning database for dedicated profiles who can adapt to the fast evolving IT & tech sector.

We offer a guarantee for all contingency-based placements—you only pay when you hire. This is an excellent solution to our new clients and can help establish the base of our service.

Ask us about our revolutionary Container Search model.


Whether you need help building a foundation or you’re looking for the company’s missing puzzle piece, our consultants can efficiently scout short- and long-term employees for you. You’ll get access to a dedicated expert and customized assistance to make your entire recruitment an effective and exciting part of your business growth.

Choose this contract if you need to expense costs towards a project budget and avoid the bottom line for either long or short term projects. Our CRB employees work on a W2 basis with full access to healthcare and retirement benefits.

Where We Focus

CRB Workforce is a permanent recruitment, executive search, and consulting firm. Long or short term -
we have the workforce

Artificial Intelligence
Computer Vision
Internet of Things
Cloud Services/Hosting
UI/UX Design
Consumer Goods
Object Detection
Mobile Development
Software Engineering
Digital Marketing
Product/Product Management
Real Estate Tech
Financial Tech
Educational Tech
Entertainment & OTT Services
Embedded Products
IT for All Industry

Our Process

Let’s just say we like to do our homework. We first dive deep into your brand and business needs, then continue to strategize every step of the way to find and onboard your potential star employees. Here’s how we’ve streamlined the entire process:


We Get to Know You

  • We schedule a qualifications call to better understand your needs.
  • We review prior candidates you have hired.
  • We help you structure your hiring process.
  • We learn about the “Why” behind your request.

We Find the Talent

  • Our highly skilled team gets to work finding your next hire.
  • We scour every major job board.
  • We scour every inch of our award-winning internal database.
  • We connect with our internal network and look for all referrals.
  • We hunt!

We Qualify

  • Our team learns about the candidate - what interests them, what products they have built or worked with, what are their motivators, what are their drivers, etc.
  • We perform in depth technical screenings.
  • We verify and re-verify.

The Match. You Interview and Hire

  • We assist in all scheduling of interviews.
  • We perform in depth interview debriefs with both clients and candidates.
  • We utilize a proprietary closing methodology to avoid all issues once a match is born.
  • We stick around!

Interested in working with us?

Whether you’re a company looking to attract the brightest minds in your industry or a candidate looking for a career change, we are here to help. We can fill your short/long term opportunities or a direct hire need.