You’ve Just Been Laid Off. Now What?

November 10, 2022

You’ve probably seen the videos or read stories about companies firing thousands of workers at once over zoom, by email, or even through pre-recorded voicemails.

Many of those people left for work that day thinking they had a good job and a secure future and by the time it was lunch, they started doing the math on which bills they could delay paying and how they would cover their health insurance payments.

And at the same time they were dealing with the trauma of a sudden layoff, they had to answer a vital question: How quickly can I find a new job?

It can be tough to switch gears if you unexpectedly find yourself searching for new work. The job market is constantly evolving and stepping into it without the right preparation is a good way to collect a huge number of “Thanks, but no thanks” emails from HR departments.

That’s why we spoke with Jeries Hanania, our Senior Technical Recruiter at CRB Workforce, to learn about the most important steps you need to take when you’re looking for a new office.

Break Glass in Case of Emergency

The Big Idea: No matter how secure you feel in your current position, it’s essential to have a plan ready in case you find yourself unemployed. Taking these steps now will let you move fast if you need to launch a surprise job hunt.

Bottom Line: The time after you’ve been laid off will probably be a stressful one. Take some of the anxiety out of searching for work by preparing yourself beforehand.

Hit the Ground Running

The Big Idea: After an unexpected layoff, you’ll probably feel pressure to find a new job quickly, but a good strategy is as important as a good resume if you want to land the right position.

  1. Reach out to recruiters
    • You don’t have to look for work alone.
    • Professional recruiters can help connect you with the job you’re looking for.
    • A good recruiter can give you advice on your resume, interview skills or other important elements of your job hunt.
    • Look for recruiting agencies that specialize in your field.
    • A boutique agency, such as CRB Workforce, is already close to the employers you’re interested in and can help you navigate the hiring process.

Bottom Line: Blindly sending our resumes might get you a job, but it probably won’t happen quickly. The fastest way to start booking first-round interviews is to work with the people you already know and professionals that you trust.

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