Candidate Success Story (Gianfranco)

August 15, 2022

Gianfranco Lopane – President of Smarterverse

Take a quick tour of the websites for different recruiting firms, and you’ll learn a surprising fact: they’re all the best. It says so right there on their homepage. Most of them will even back it up with lists of awards, big-name clients and fancy press clippings.

But if every recruiting firm says they’re the best, how do you know who really is?

It’s simple: don’t talk to the people who work there; talk to the people that they’re supposed to help.

So, with that in mind, we spoke with Gianfranco Lopane to learn what it’s like to work with CRB Workforce as a candidate and how we were able to help land him his dream job in less time than most recruiters will take to return an email.


Q:  What was your experience like working with recruiting firms before CRB Workforce?

GL: Honestly, what stands out the most to me about all of the previous recruitment companies I’ve worked with over the years is just how long it takes to get anything done. There was no sense of urgency, there was not much communication and it never felt like they were even doing their basic due diligence.

Q: How was CRB different from these other firms?

GL: Everything just moved much faster. You could just tell that there was a stronger sense of purpose with them. It took a day and a half from the time a CRB recruiter first contacted me until I was hired by my current company.

Q: Walk us through the process from when you first started working with CRB to when you were hired.

GL: Rory, my recruiter, found me on LinkedIn because I post a lot there. We started talking and he learned what type of role I was interested in and what I was looking for as far as salary. Then he set up an interview with my current company for the next day. I interviewed with the owner of the company three times on the same day and by the end, I was hired. It was so fast and definitely the best experience I’ve ever had with a staffing company.

Q: What was the position?

GL: Initially, I was hired as the head of business development and Metaverse for DatChat, Inc, but now I’m president of Smarterverse, which is a company I co-founded and is a subsidiary of DatChat.

Q: What was your experience like working with your CRB recruiter?

GL: What stood out to me was how much time he spent talking with me and all of the information that he provided. He told me all about the company and gave me a profile of the owner. Before I interviewed, he told me the specific things they were looking for and also what to avoid. He also emphasized that I should just be myself and bring my personality to the interview. And then, each time I had an interview, he would immediately call me to follow up and learn how it went and what I liked and didn’t like. He was definitely invested in me as an individual.

Q: Even if you’re well prepared, two days is still an exceptionally fast hiring process.

GL: It helped that I have a unique skill set. In 2017, I created an ad network platform for the Metaverse, which no one had done before.

Q: Is there anything else that stood out about your experience working with CRB?

GL: Rory Kennedy is my key contact in the company, but I know he worked with Neal Bigelow to find this job for me, so I was impressed by how well they work internally as a team to get things done. I’ve worked in sales, and I know how sometimes it can be a one-man show, and if a customer isn’t in their own portfolio, then they don’t really care about them. At CRB, you feel like the entire company is working for you.


We’ll be honest and admit that, even by our standards, placing a candidate in a new job within 36 hours of speaking to them is exceptional.

However, one of the reasons that we are successful is that we don’t just flood hiring managers with stacks of resumes until one sticks. Instead, we take the time and care to ensure that we’re matching the right individual to the right position so that we can create a good partnership for everyone, just as Giancarlo experienced

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