(Podcast) Recruiting & Hiring Best Practices For Customer Success

September 29, 2022

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As we live in the ‘great reflection’ or ‘resignation’ or whatever you call it… people have options. As an employer, it’s essential to know workforce trends and apply best practices in hiring and retaining customer-centric talent to achieve long-term customer success. (Hint: free snacks and ping pong tables in the office are not the answer.)

Likewise, candidates seeking more job fulfillment and happiness need to know where and how to predict if a company is a good place to work. 

Stacy Sherman and business expert Sam Brenner, CEO of CRB Workforce, discuss these topics and how to ensure a great match.

Take notes as this episode is filled with tons of practical and actionable recommendations to achieve customer success through an engaged, happy workforce. CX (Customer Experience) and EX (Employee Experience) go hand in hand. Are you doing both right?

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About Stacy Sherman, host of Doing CX Right:

Each episode provides ACTIONABLE tips to help business people accelerate brand loyalty and revenue by Doing Customer Experience Right…which is fueled by valued, appreciated employees. Stacy Sherman and guests dig deep into how to differentiate companies beyond price and gain a competitive advantage through effective leadership and experience management.

The show is not all business and customer service-related. You’ll also hear personal stories, challenges overcome, and lessons learned to inspire you to DO differently and show up as your best self.

Stacy Sherman is a Corporate Executive at Liveops, and an award-winning keynote speaker, author, and podcaster focused on Doing Customer Experiences Right as a brand differentiator. She’s created a Heart & Science™ framework that accelerates loyalty, referrals, and revenue fueled by valued and empowered employees and customer service agents.

Stacy has held multiple leadership roles at major companies such as Verizon, Wilton Brands, AT&T, and Schindler Elevator. What differentiates Stacy from others is that she brings real-life examples and customer service experience best practices from being in the trenches! Others speak and write about CX from a purely academic view and short-term consulting projects, while Stacy is really walking the talk every day!

Stacy’s strategic skills are not limited to business—she is also a serious backgammon player who has traveled internationally to compete.

A mother of two human kids and two furry ones, Stacy and her husband of 27 years live in the New York metro area.

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