Why We Don’t Ghost Our Candidates?

August 15, 2022

Spend enough time job hunting, and it will happen to you. An enthusiastic recruiter will reach out to tell you about a job that you’re perfect for. The salary is high, the benefits generous and it’s in a field that you’ve always wanted to work in.

They promise that they’ll get you in front of the hiring manager right away for an interview.

You get excited. Research the company, practice your interview questions and wait for the recruiter to call back with the appointment…and wait…and wait.

A week goes by, and that hyper-cheerful voice that promised you everything suddenly can’t be reached. You send politely worded emails and voicemails and hear nothing back. It’s almost like that person, who once seemed so excited to help you find your dream job, never existed.

That’s when you realize that you’ve been ghosted.

To push up someone’s hopes and then vanish on them is more than unprofessional. It’s cruel, and it’s something that we at CRB Workforce never do to our candidates.

“We aren’t a volume shop,” explains CRB senior recruiting manager Madison Myrick. “We’re not doing heavy volume recruiting because that’s when it’s easy for people to slip through the cracks and be forgotten about. At CRB, we’re speaking and working with about ten to twenty candidates per person at a time, whereas at some of these larger firms, they’ll be working with fifty to a hundred people at a time and they just lose track of people.”

We don’t ghost people not just because it’s rude but also because that goes against the basic philosophy and beliefs of how we build relationships with our candidates.

“We don’t ghost because that goes against one of our core pillars as a company, which is that we are a quality first agency,” says Dallas Finely, our director of recruiting. “We really invest ourselves in the relationship-building side of recruiting. We’ve never been the type of place with a philosophy of let’s just grind numbers and make money. We believe that we’re here to make people’s lives better.”

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